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Hello and welcome!  My name is Denise Finochiaro and I am so excited that you are looking at our company!  I have been with Ameriplan® for a while now and I can honestly say I LOVE WHAT I DO!  Everyday I am excited to talk to people and share more about how our benefit plans work and also help people get started working from home with us.  Helping and serving others is my passion!  But I wasn't always excited to go to work everyday.

Before Ameriplan® I spent over 20 years in the medical field as a Certified Nurses Assistant.  And while I LOVED patient care and being able to help people, I didn't love the long hours, the grueling physical work and not being able to be fully present for my daughter who was still school aged at that time.  I was also a SINGLE mom, so money was always tight, time was always limited and I had to make a lot of HARD choices because I was the sole income earner.  Having to arrange for her before and after school care or not being able to take off when she or I was sick or having to choose between my time with her and having to work just to make ends meet. I was not really living the life I wanted and dreamed about. 

Eight years ago I developed a chronic illness that stop me in my tracks and has prevented me from being able to work in a traditional job setting outside of the home ever since.  I have been with my husband for 12 years now and he is disabled. I am SO GREATFUL that I have the CHOICE to be able to earn an income from the comfort of my home or where ever I choose to work.  I can take my business anywhere and still earn an income. As long as I have my phone or tablet and an internet connection I can work on the go, and internet is optional!  Having choices and freedom to be there for my husband and family, take time off for myself when I need to, and just being able to live life on MY terms is such a blessing! Here are just a few pictures of my heart and soul, my family!


Well, that's enough about me, LOL!  Let's talk about who are we and what do we do!  Ameriplan® is the nation's largest health & dental savings company. We've been in business since 1992 and have the hottest health & dental savings plans available in the United States today, with virtually no competition! Our benefit plans include services like TeleMedicine, Health and Hospital Advocacy, Dental, Vision, Prescription and Chiropractic. Our company has revolutionized the industry of Consumer-Driven Healthcare by making fantastic and affordable plans available to everyone living in the United States! 

Many people find the most important thing when choosing a company to work with is that the company not only needs to be legitimate, but also credible, trustworthy and well-known on a NATIONAL level. We hope that’s a top priority for you too! As far as our national credentials, Ameriplan® has the highest rating possible with the US Chamber of Commerce®, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®. We are also members of the National Association of Dental Plans® and the Consumer Health Alliance®.  

Our company has been recognized and featured in publications like The New York Times®, US News and World Report®, CNN®, Time Magazine®, Parents Magazine® and even on Good Morning America®! Most people are able to determine quickly that Ameriplan® is a solid, legitimate company amidst all of the unfortunate scams out there. Ameriplan's® A+ rating with the BBB® certainly does solidify that. So as you can see, we’re well-known and respected on a national level, with nearly 2 million repeat, long-term clients.

 When you work with Ameriplan® you’re an independent consultant. It's not a job and it's not working for someone else. You are your own boss. You make your own hours and choose how, when and where to work full-time or part-time.  The choices are YOURS. We even receive dental and medical benefits for ourselves and our entire households. Even though you are your own boss, you’re not working alone. We work together as part of a team, so you’ll meet other people immediately when you start working and they’ll help to train you. You’ll be working alongside these other consultants on a daily basis. We have a very successful team of leaders that will all take part in training you, so you’ll always have plenty of people to turn to for help and support!

What does it look like to work at home with Ameriplan®?  We do two things, we help people get enrolled in one of our health benefit plans and we help qualified people, like you, to work from home with Ameriplan®.  Find, share, enroll, repeat. It's that simple to work from home with us.  We teach you how find and to talk to people and how to work your business both online and offline.  So don't worry, you don't need to have any experience.  We'll teach you everything you need to know to be successful.  Then you can choose the methods of working your business that works for you.

Our affordable benefit plans are AMAZING and we have three different benefit plans to choose to from. You will receive ALL of the benefits we offer when you work from home with us.  The average household saves between $200 - $400 per month throughout the year, using our plans!

 We have thousands of national providers in our network nationwide and we work with every Hospital in the country. Our plans are accepted at all major pharmacies your local grocery stores and all major vision centers. You can search for local providers in your area.  Still not sure about our plans?  See what our members are saying.


Q: How do I know this company is real?

A: AmeriPlan® was established in 1992 and is part of the US Chamber of Commerce, The National Association of Dental Plans, the Direct Sellers Association and Dunn and Bradstreet. Additionally, AmeriPlan® had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and they are partnered with the FBI on one of their protection plans. Ameriplan®, through their protection and savings plans, is also partnered with dozens of fortune 500 companies like Sears, Target, JCPenny's, Walmart, Lenscrafters and many more. They've even been featured in publications like The New York Times, US News and World Report, Parent Magazine and on Good Morning America. It's easy to see Ameriplan® is not only a legitimate company, but also well known and trusted on a national level.

Q: How long are the Training classes, and how do I attend?

A: Our training is done through live and recorded conference calls and an interactive training website. Although your initial training and set up will take about 5-10 hours, your training will be consistent and ongoing throughout your first year in the company.

Q: Do I have set hours that I will be required to work?

A: No! You have a flexible schedule with our company and you set your own hours. You are in complete control of when you will work and for how long. You don't ever need to clock in, and there is not a minimum time commitment. We have team members who work 5 hours a week all the way up to over 40 hours a week. You're in total control of your schedule.

Q: Will I have to attend a lot of mandatory meetings?

A: No. You are the boss. You decide when you want to attend our online training calls and team meetings. This is the beauty of having freedom at home.

Q: Can I work with both options... helping people work with AmeriPlan® and helping people SAVE money on the benefits?

A: Absolutely. You can work simultaneously in both options, or if you simply just want to work on one, that is totally your choice.

Q: Do you need special skills to work with AmeriPlan®?

A: NO. AmeriPlan® has successful people from all different backgrounds, ages, history and heritage. We've got IBOs who are 18 and 84. We've got doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms and fast food restaurant workers. What you need to find success is a desire to transform your life, a computer, a phone, a willingness to be coached and a minimum of about five to ten hours per week to commit.

Q: Can you be a part-time success in AmeriPlan®?

A: AmeriPlan® has many IBOs that work full time jobs outside the home and IBOs who are home raising children making it impossible for them to put full time hours into their business. If you can commit to a consistent 5 - 10 hours per week you can build a substantial residual check. 

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These Plans are NOT Insurance or Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. Membership in these plans entitles you to discounts for certain medical services and prescription drugs by providers who have agreed to participate in these discount plans. These plans do NOT make payments directly to the provider of medical services and prescription drugs. The plans' members are obligated to pay for all healthcare services, but will receive a discount from those healthcare providers who have contracted with these discount plans.